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NZID [ɛn-zɛd-aɪ-diː]

The space where New Zealand alumni collaborate and connect to impactfully contribute to New Zealand’s diplomatic interests in Indonesia.

Kia Ora!

We are a nationwide multi-professional association of Indonesian alumni of New Zealand universities.

Coming together by a common personal history of having studied in New Zealand, and a present professional passion for contributing to the development of Indonesia, we invite you to join this wonderful whānau uniting both sides of the Pacific.

What do we do?


NZID keeps alumni connected with each other, and with New Zealand, to build mutually beneficial enduring relationships.


NZID builds alumni capacity through professional development and networking opportunities.


NZID promotes alumni contribution to New Zealand interests in Indonesia, and to Indonesia’s development across strategic sectors.


NZID raises the profile of New Zealand alumni in Indonesia by garnering support for, acknowledging and celebrating their achievements.

How do we do it?

NZID is currently led by a 2024 Interim Leadership appointed by the New Zealand Embassy. Our goal is to prepare for NZID’s first Alumni Election in which NZID members will democratically elect the next period’s cohort of Leaders per 2025.

In the meantime, NZID’s priorities in 2024 are setting up a professionally managed online presence as the infrastructure upon which NZID’s vision and mission are to be carried out, and a fully functional user-generated database upon which Alumni can voluntarily sign up for NZID membership and plug into this wonderful whānau.

Why should I join NZID?

NZID is a professional association that provides bonafide networking opportunities across strategic sectors. As part of this wonderful whānau, you get to collaborate in support of New Zealand’s diplomatic interests in Indonesia, and raise your profile by taking part in impactful initiatives that make a difference.

As the main point of contact with the New Zealand Embassy, NZID helps Alumni stay up-to-date with New Zealand’s latest diplomatic agenda, and in the know about opportunities such as scholarships and community development grants.

NZID unites alumni from all professions, locations and walks of life in a spirit of solidarity and sense of belonging to both their Indonesian roots and history in New Zealand. And in the true spirit of manaakitanga, NZID raises the mana of alumni, both countries, and the people who call them home through a spirit of mutual care, respect, generosity and hospitality.

How did NZID start?

NZID was founded in 2013 by Charlie Hartono, who envisioned it as an organisation where Alumni could impactfully contribute towards Indonesia’s development and ever-growing relationship with New Zealand.

As a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship alumnus, Charlie recognised his fellow scholars as future leaders committed to empower their communities and promote Indonesia-New Zealand ties through intercultural collaboration, trade and tourism. Hence NZID was founded in response to the need to connect and strengthen the melting pot of New Zealand Alumni from all over Indonesia for this purpose.

We would like to acknowledge Syafirah Hardani for her support as NZID President in 2017-2023. The pioneer generation of NZID’s first decade worked with scant resources and manpower, but exemplified a valuable spirit of support for fellow Alumni.

In 2023, the New Zealand Embassy held a series of Focus Group Discussions in Jakarta, Lombok and online to listen to nationwide Alumni aspirations for an effective and impactful Alumni Association. 

In response to the results of these discussions, the Embassy appointed a board of Interim Leadership to spearhead the rebirth of NZID with the Embassy’s renewed commitment to support and facilitate the Association’s endeavours.

#NZIDMantul! How do I join?

Ka mutu pea! Come join our wonderful whānau by registering as a member! This will plug you into our alumni database so that NZID can inform and engage you in exciting opportunities to connect and collaborate. 

These may include exclusive invitations to New Zealand Embassy events, calls for proposals for project fundings, scholarship openings, job vacancies, and Alumni speaking opportunities.

Stay tuned for more delightful developments to come this year!

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