NZID 2024 Interim Leadership

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Spearheading the formation of the new NZID Alumni Association is a band of fine alumni who have demonstrated commitment in raising New Zealand’s profile in Indonesia and exercising exemplary New Zealand values in their professional fields.

This Interim Leadership has been appointed by the New Zealand Embassy in Indonesia to pave the way towards an Alumni Election in which NZID alumni from all over Indonesia would elect a cohort of their preferred leaders for the next leadership period starting in 2025.

Throughout 2024, this Interim Leadership will spend this transitional period preparing NZID’s organisational structure and work plan on which the next Elected Leadership will be founded. 

Our priorities this year include preparing an active user generated Alumni Database and the professional management of NZID’s online presence, including a fully functional website and social media channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Meet NZID’s 2024 Interim Leaders! (Click names for their LinkedIn profiles.)

Ramos Pandia

NZID Interim President 

MA Development Studies

University of Auckland, 2014


Grace Susetyo

NZID Interim Vice President

Master of Development Studies

Victoria University of Wellington, 2018


Elisabeth Veronika Wambrauw

NZID Interim Vice President

PhD Civil Engineering

University of Auckland, 2016


Eva Rachmawati

NZID Assistant VP, Western Indonesia

PhD Tourism

Lincoln University, 2019


I Putu Surya Utama

NZID Assistant VP, Eastern Indonesia

Master of Entrepreneurship

University of Otago, 2021


Charlie Hartono

NZID Head of Engagement

Master of International Business

University of Auckland, 2015


Lukita Cesaria Ibundani

NZID Head of Empowerment

Food and Agribusiness Value Chains

Massey University, 2019

Lombok Barat

Rori Marwani

NZID Head of Contribution

Master of Development Studies

Victoria University of Wellington, 2015


Hani Ndaumanu

NZID Head of Elevation

Master of Engineering Studies (Transportation)

University of Auckland, 2021


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